Eco Design


The main change is by switching from a measurement based on testing in one condition in heating to:

a. Move to seasonal testing in cooling that call SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and in Heating that call SCOP (Seasonal coefficient of performance).

b. Apply maximum sound level in indoor and outdoor side.

c. Test the power consumption even in Stand By and thermostat off.

d. Each product with have a category if related to the condition that product have design, three categories have defined:

– Average that is mandatory to apply.

– Warmer if the product is design for Warmer condition.

– Colder if the product is design for Colder condition.

e. Add a factor related to GWP (Global warming potential) that effected by the refrigerant type.

f. Apply Minimum SCOP and SEER in two steps and different to Single/Multi split than to portable units.



Air conditioner, Single or Multi split with a nominal capacity below 12kW and based on Air to Air

concept. Unit based on water condensing method are out of this regulation.



The new regulation will apply just for a new product or import that will be after January 01 2013, old or current products that are in stock can be sold until the end of 2013. The new regulation will be in force in two steps in a two different standards:

1. Step A From January 01 2013 until December 31 2013

2. Step B From January 01 2014




The SCOP/SEER calculation are based on five parameters:

a. Test results on a above table.

b. Annual working hours- that base on index table that considering the outside test temperature of each item in above table and the climate category. The index number are fixed and define in the regulation.

c. Power consumption in standby position.

d. Power consumption in thermostat off position.

e. Power consumption of crankcase heater if available.



New Energy label will be apply from January 01 2013 with a new scale between A+++ to G class. The Energy Label can present just the class and performance in average climate or also the warmer and Colder performance if the product is design for.




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